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Electroplating Chemicals

We supply comprehensive electroplating chemicals which cover corrosion protection, functional coating and decoratives.


Widely known as PTFE/FEP/PFA coating. We serve these functional coatings for many fields of use ranging from consumer to industrial market.

Basic Chemicals

We also supply essential chemicals such as zinc ingot and caustic soda and other metals for your process to make sure smooth run can be achieved.

Plating Equipment

Related equipment which provides consistent quality and stable process run.

About VR3 Chemical

          From many years of practical experience, VR3 CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. was established by group of experienced electroplating engineers, who have been involved in surface finishing for many years. As a result of the cooperation with “SCHLOETTER GALVANOTECHNIK GERMANY”, one of the leading suppliers for electroplating and surface finishing worldwide, we have been an exclusive distributor for Schloetter’s products in Thailand.


We also acquired a dealership authorization of Whitford Pte. Ltd which later became PPG Industries, Inc subsidiary, one of the world leading fluoropolymers coating manufacturers. We are outstanding in both industrials and comsumers. 


Today, we supply metals finishing chemicals and its related equipment. In addition, we also provide full technical supports and services with well-equipped local laboratory by our field engineers and chemists. We believe that with our strong supports and services, the stable processes and product’s quality of customers can always be achieved.

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